FARO® Optor Clinic 3D Dental Scanner

Most accurate 3D Dental Impression Scanner

FARO<sup>®</sup> Optor<sup>™</sup> Clinic 3D Dental Scanner


Optor Clinic is the structured light 3D scanner developed to highly-automated acquire patients’ impressions and send the digital file to all desired partners in just a few steps.

Optor Clinic is a 3D dental impression scanner that integrates perfectly FARO’s cutting-edge technology with traditional dental workflows. This ensures an unmet accuracy for implants, prosthesis, crowns and bridges.

Optor Clinic is built for convenient desktop use in any dental environment. Its open structure allows scanning any kind of impression, either in dental clinics or in laboratories and milling centers. It is one of the very few scanners specifically designed to exclusively scan impressions. The dedicated optical set-up is what makes the difference: its narrow scanning angle and projection pattern assure capturing data of very thin, deep and conical areas.

Optor Clinic’s versatility not only embraces difficult to scan objects, but it also allows acquiring information from various impression materials and colors. The specific shared database saves a lot of time: with only one click from the user, Optor Clinic scans up to three impressions and can automatically send the digital file to the technician. This file transmission technology enhances productivity and reduces the distance between partners, by providing a fast and automated file transfer. 

Optor Clinc is the ideal 3D scanning solution for any clinics an dentists that may need to:

  • Reduce the work flow process of fixed prosthesis
  • Scan, design and produce highly accurate prosthetic solutions.
  • Store 3D models of patients.
  • Plan and present the end result to customers before implementation.


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