FARO® Optor Lab 3D Dental Scanner

Improve speed and accuracy in your digital workflow

FARO<sup>®</sup> Optor<sup>™</sup> Lab 3D Dental Scanner


Incredibly fast and versatile, Optor Lab allows scanning any type of dental objects thanks to its wide and accessible scanning chamber. Optor Lab optimises the daily work and it adapts to any necessities.

Optor Lab is a 3D dental scanner that combines all kind of dental professional needs to support a digital workflow. This all-in-one 3D scanning device with its flexible modules is both, an ideal entry-level solution and the most advanced 3D scanning desktop scanner. The flexibility in features and the open structure is built for convenient desktop scanning applications in any dental laboratory. Optor Lab provides a simple way to position and scan all different kind of dental objects. The baseline model is ideal for every user who wants to enter the digital 3D world of modern dental workflows.

Optional features elevate the Optor Lab to a high-end 3D desktop scanner to serve very efficient and highly accurate expert applications and can easily and independly be activated with the integrated OptorL software on demand. The innovative shape and staggering accuracy allows to scan any type of articulator, model or implant jig.

Optor Lab comes with all the desired features for a dental scanner: such as color acquisition, impression scanning, automatic calibration, easy-to-follow project workflows, implant scanning and positioning, automatic alignments, export to any dental CAD software. Moreover, the scanner’s advanced technology leads the industry in scanning and accuracy.

Optor Lab is the ideal 3D scanning solution for any labs that may need to:

  • Reduce the work flow process of fixed prosthesis
  • Scan, design and produce highly accurate prosthetic solutions.
  • Store 3D models of patients.
  • Plan and present the end result to customers before implementation.


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