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FARO 3D-XB Scan Head

FARO’s 3-Axis Series for XYZ Beam Steering

FARO 3D-XB Scan Head

FARO®’s 3D-XB Scan Head is designed to deliver large field sizes (from 150mm to 2,000mm), without the use of f-theta lenses, XY tables, or gantries. This 3-axis technology provides better field-size/spot-size ratios than those of standard f-theta scanning lenses.

With the 3D-XB Scan Head, spot sizes as small as 30 µm or scan fields as large as 2m x2m are achievable. The ability to vary the field and spot size offers application flexibility which makes the 3D-XB ideally suited for process development and job shop settings. The dynamic lens translator continuously adjusts the focus distance to produce a flat or contoured field. Various field and spot size combinations can be selected simply by turning a knob to adjust the working distance.

The accurate, high-performance 3D-XB is used for optical scanning in XY and XYZ applications with a variety of laser wavelengths and is a flexible tool ideal for most laser applications.


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