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FARO BLINK High-Speed Focuser

Dynamic 3D Laser Processing

FARO BLINK High-Speed Focuser

The natural focal surface of an XY galvo pair is a shallow sphere. One solution to operate on planar samples is an f-theta lens, but these limit your field size, bloat your laser spots and are expensive. FARO®’s BLINK High-Speed Focuser is a far better solution. When used as the focusing element of a post-objective scanning system, BLINK dynamically maps a focal correction onto the laser beam as a function of its XY position, allowing high-speed processing of large planar samples, with very small spot sizes. BLINK also supports the processing of 3D samples. BLINK combines a precision ground guideway with direct voice-coil drive, resulting in a very compact, high-performance focuser. BLINK is capable of continuous operation with a 50G peak sine wave, and its ultra-low moving mass minimizes reaction forces. With only one moving part, BLINK offers exceptional reliability and service life when compared to traditional taut band actuators.

When used in Contour 3-Axis Scan Head, it provides an impressive 170mm Focus Depth @ 96 µm spot size over a 450mm field! (Nd-YAG)

The addition of an industry-standard ½” changeable lens tube addresses field applications that may require a quick-change lens configuration. Our lens tube option still accepts the same ½” singlets as our direct bonded model, but includes an additional length threaded barrel that accepts industry standard 40 pitch retaining rings and soft mounts. Direct bonded optics remain the lowest moving mass and highest performance solution and is available through special order.


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