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10 mm and 20 mm Digital Scan Heads

FARO<sup>®</sup> DIGI-CUBE<sup>™</sup> PRO DIGITAL SCAN HEAD

Better Drift with Next Generation Position Detection

The FARO Digi-Cube Pro Scan Head uses FARO’s next generation galvanometer and Optical Position Detector technology to provide superior performance for demanding laser applications. Available in 10 mm and 20 mm apertures and for various wavelengths, the Digi-Cube Pro uses standard XY2-100 communication protocol with PC-based and stand-alone hardware and software packages. 

Built around FARO’s galvanometers with Optical Position Detector technology, the scan head features innovative galvo rotor and mirror mount designs that reduce resonance, allowing for faster scanning. The Self-Tuning Technology automatically performs a detailed self-diagnosis and system check to compensate for mechanical wear ensuring precise, error-free laser marking positioning while extending overall service life.

Industry leading reliability, low drift and high accuracy make the Digi-Cube Pro the workhorse of scan heads.


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