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FARO LEC-2 Embedded Laser Marking Controller

Ethernet-based stand-alone advanced controller

FARO LEC-2 Embedded Laser Marking Controller

FARO’s LEC-2 Embedded Controller is a compact self-contained 20-bit controller that provides advanced hardware and software control technology to drive galvanometer-based laser scanning systems. Designed for high-speed manufacturing environments that perform dynamic laser marking, the LEC-2 provides integrated synchronized I/O for connection to factory automation equipment. 

Connection to the PC is made via Ethernet using standard TCP/IP protocols. In addition, the LEC-2 provides external USB connections to support job file distribution via industry standard USB Flash disks. RS232 Serial I/O is also provided for user interface, serial laser control, and diagnostic access.

The LEC-2 eliminates the need for a PC on the factory floor. Execute jobs remotely over the network or store jobs on the LEC-2, which comes with 600 MHz of processing power and 512 megabytes of storage (up to 4 GB optional).

The LEC-2 control board works seamlessly with FARO’s WinLase® Laser Marking Software and complete line of scan heads, offering OEMs and system integrators high-speed performance and accuracy for any application. The LEC-2 controller, with real-time vector and laser control, is ideally suited for automated manufacturing environments.


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