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FARO Maestro 3000 Laser System Controller

True System-Ready Capability in a Slim Box

FARO Maestro 3000 Laser System Controller

FARO’s Maestro 3000 Integrated Control Box is a turnkey controller solution for galvanometer-based laser marking systems. The Maestro 3000 combines the LEC scan controller, a power supply capable of powering a scan head and interface hardware (laser extension and I/O boards) into a slim, 1U rack-mountable enclosure.

Designed for laser processing system integrators and OEMs, the Maestro 3000 controller-in-a-box offers customers the best of both worlds – optimized, high performance laser marking control and fast and easy installation. The Maestro 3000 is a solution for many applications including: laser welding, laser marking, micromachining, automated laser processing, etc. Simply connect a cable, load the WinLase® Laser Processing Software onto your PC and you are ready to go.

Behind Maestro’s simple user interface is the LEC, FARO’s next generation Ethernet-based “smart” controller, providing customers with lower PC costs, flexible equipment location, and simple laser management.


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